82 People I Remember Meeting at the Preview of the 55th Venice Biennale


A crowd gathers to witness Venice sinking. Alfredo Jaar, Venezia, Venezia, 2013. Chilean Pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale.

I was recently asked to write a review of the Venice Biennale for Art South Africa Magazine, and I found the process of writing really difficult. Firstly I had some reservations about writing something about an event that have already been chewed so thoroughly. Secondly I have been harboring an ambivalence and latent cynicism about the rituals of the art world, part fascinated and excited by it all, and partly revolted by the power games, money and shallowness of so much of it. My third reservation was that I submitted a curatorial proposal for the South African Pavilion, which was not successful. The potential conflict of interest, and critical distance to review the Pavilion also posed an ethical dimension, which I hopefully clarified.

I think I ended up writing a convoluted piece, and at the time of writing this blog post, not sure if it has been published. I will at some point upload it here too.

But, as my intention of the blog side of this site is to publish lists, I thought, as a first of a couple of lists I made about Venice, to try and remember everyone that I met during the couple of days on the island.  A primary motivation for most attendees, is of course the networking, so I will be transparent about my complicity. The list is not complete – I keep on remembering people, so if I have left you off the list, please forgive me. To qualify for inclusion on the list, we had to exchange at minimum a mutual nod, if we are already acquainted. For new people I met, we had to shake hands, exchange a business card, or a friendly little chat.

Alexander Gray
Andrea Kerzner
Arsen Kalfayan
Artemis Baltoyanni
Athi-Patra Ruga
Ayana Jackson
Bernardo Souza
Bianca Baldi
Bomi Odufunade
Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung
Cameron Platter
Caro Macdonald
Christophe Thompson
Courtney Martin
Dan Tanzili
David Koloane
Defne Ayas
Edson Chagas
Elke aus dem Moore
Felix Schoeber
Füsun Türetken
Gabi Ncgobo
Georgia Kotretsos
Hank Willis Thomas
Hans Porer
Hilde & Buso Bartels
Ingrid Kaul
Ingrid LaFleur
Isabelle du Moulin
James Webb
Joel Andrianomerisoa
Julia Grosse
Kathy Robbins
Katja Heddler
Katrien Reist
Koursh Nouri
Lars Wiethaus
Laura Vincenti
Laurie Anne Farrell
Liza Essers
Lucrezia Cippitelli
Lunetta Bartz
Malala Andrialavidrazana
Marjolein van Zanten
Marshall Price
Michele Mathison
Nadine Knotzer
Nan McIlleroy
Nana Adusei-Poku
Nazy Nazhand
Neil Dundas
Nico Anklam
Noah Horowitz
Patrick Kelly
Paul McCabe and his parents
Paula Nascimento
Penny Siopis
Peter Machlup
Ralph Nauta
Raphael Chikukwa
Richard Massey
RoseLee Goldberg
Roupen Kalfayan
Sam & Doreen Nhlengethwa
Santu Mofokeng
Saskia Köbschall
Sean O’Toole
Sophie Perryer
Stefano Rabolli Pansera
Stephan Köhler
Sue Williamson
Tessa de Caters
Thierry Goffrey
Till Fellrath
Valerie Kabov
Vincenzo Penta
Warren Siebritz
Wendy Fisher
Wim Botha
Yacouba Konate
Yuli Karatsiki
Yves Chatap
Yvette Mutumba

*Updated to 83 names on 19 August 2013

** Updated to 84 names on 21 August 2013


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