GhostBusters II {Haunted by Heroes}

Cover, Exhibition Catalogue

Cover, Exhibition Catalogue

ARTISTS: Délio Jasse (Angola/Portugal) & kara lynch (USA)

CURATORS: Nadine Siegert (Concept and Catalogue Editor) & Storm Janse van Rensburg

SAVVY CONTEMPORARY, BERLIN 11 August – 11 September 2013

In the exhibition GhostBusters II {Haunted by Heroes} the phantom as a metaphor of an unknown haunting entity, which leaves traces in our collective memory, is the crux of the exhibition. The focus is not the personal memories but rather an investigation of (absent) memories in the collective archive. Both artists participating in the exhibition work with historic and contemporary images of known and unknown personalities who once held positions of power and were regarded as heroes and heroines, as well as sites where power was/is executed.

Délio Jasse talks about the unsung heroes with the aid of found images, showing various sides of memory of colonial societies, thereby exposing the archive of the unknown. kara lynch is a cartographer, who constructs a map of an individual creative history as it emerges in connection to a collective African American history as zones of cultural haunting. She is particularly interested in places where collective memories are made invisible through systematic processes of cultural erasure.


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